It was December 13th, 2005.

I was ready to depart at 4:30am for my westward journey to Washington.

What awaited me was a proving ground which I had no idea could be so traumatic.

Of the many lessons I learned, One is dear to me.

“When your heart is heavy, and you are tired, stop pushing, pulling, and striving. Just be still.”

I still remember the German Bologna purchased for lunches. And the face my friend would make upon smelling it.

One day she decided to make a lunch for me instead and threw my sandwich away.

I was full afterward. It was good to have a friend to care for me when I didn’t know how to care for anything. Even myself.

I kept asking her if she needed help,

“JUST SIT!” she shot.

I am now quite certain that women know what we need, and vice versa.

Because as I was still, and waited, something strange happened.


Then tears. Tears I held in for years.

She was there.  Eating and talking to me, “Dang, Ketch, I thought it tastes good.”

“It does. that’s why I am crying.” I laughed.

and it did. It still does.

Ketch you later.

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