Snake in the Grass


I have been warned that if I write this I will stir up trouble.  I am throwing a smirk on and caution to the wind on this one.  I am having a hard time believing that people should “SNAP OUT” of depression.  Snapping out of something you have been born with and suffer from continually.

Bipolar is really complicated to those who don’t live with it.

It is their struggle to understand someone who is outrageous, and sullen, boisterous and sad, happy and suicidal.  Or, mid-line, if we are lucky.

Apathy is the best of days at times.  Sometimes it isn’t a roller coaster but a Merry-go-’round. We spin and rise, fall. Disoriented by our own perception and sundered by our thoughts.

And there in lies another civet. Our thoughts are not linear all the time, and then switch it up, they are clear and suddenly lucid!  What should people believe?

The truth is, we are multifaceted.  With a myriad of beams flowing from a core that is fractured. and yet whole.

If you want to know us, love us, without reprimand.

If you want to love us, know us without constraints.

Tying us down, and whatnot will confuse us. it says we are not allowed to be ourselves.  Not allowed to think this way– but there is not another way.

You have two choices. Accept us as we stand. Or please leave us be.

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